A book cataloging the Fermi Paradox; a series of theories attempting to explain why we haven't met alien life yet.

Category: Editorial

Class: Typography 4—Summer 2019

Credits: Cheri Gray

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In 1950, Enrico Fermi, an Austrian-American Physicist, asked the question “Where is everybody?”. He was curious about the lack of visits by extraterrestrials during our long existence in the universe. In the last century, scientists have attempted to answer this question known as the Fermi Paradox. ‘Do You Ever Wonder Where Everyone Else Is’ is a publication that documents these theories and provides answers to this fabled and fascinating question.

The book holds five theories that attempt to answer the question of why we haven’t made contact yet. Each chapter title is a question that is answered by the theory presented in the spreads that follow it.

Certain spreads feature images of terrain on Earth and those on planets we have sent probes to. These images follow each other, and in some cases are super-imposed on top of each other, allowing the reader to notice the subtle similarities between the terrain here and out there.