A typographic series based on the work of Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan.

Category: Experimental Typography

Class: Graduate Typography 2—Spring 2019

Credits: Tyrone Drake

*The images and/or videos presented here were used strictly for educational purposes and not material gain.

The Implication of Time is an immersive typographic and visual experience inspired by the collaborative work of filmmaker Christopher Nolan and composer Hans Zimmer. The goal of the installation is to represent the concept of time as the filmmakers intended; in a fragmented, non-linear, and disorienting manner, while emphasizing on its role in the shaping of memories and human nature.

A part of the installation is a series of posters that create a narrative based on the concept of time as manipulated by Nolan and Zimmer in their work. The posters make use of a combination of text from the films and from the papers of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. The images were created using a combination of analog and digital methods.